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Thrifty Attic Inc Grant 2017

Jamaica Memorial Library has received a grant for $500.00 from Thrifty Attic Inc! We are planning to add more quilted window shades to our Children’s Room and Back Rooms so we can conserve energy and heat!

Thrifty Attic Inc has been a generous and ongoing supporter of our Library and we are very grateful they have continued their support into the 2017-2018 year!

We have made publications in The Message of the Week (see picture below) and on our facebook page in thanks!

Thank you, Thrifty Attic Inc!


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Online Card Catalog

Library Catalog

For a list of new arrivals, enter JMLN 2017-2018 in the search box.

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Jamaica Library Receives Grants to Install First Restroom

Early Weekend Edition of the Brattleboro Reformer, October 24-25, 2015 included this feature article.

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If you’re a honeybee…

When sunlight warms your honeybee wings, off you go on flower patrol!


Jamaica Memorial Library’s Summer Reading Program, “Every Hero Has a Story,” will feature the Nature Museum of Grafton, Vermont’s BEE PROGRAM on Saturday, July 25 at 2:00 p.m. as part of Jamaica’s Old Home Day. Find out the life history of the bumblebee, the role they play in our ecosystem, and their current status in Vermont. Did you know bumblebees are essential pollinators of local food crops as well as key indicators of the overall health of Vermont’s ecosystem? Through games, activities and crafts, kids will learn how bumblebees are the heroes of our natural ecosystem. Join us! It’s cooooool inside!

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Jamaica Memorial Library trustees will host an open house Tuesday, July 21, 4:30-6:00 p.m. to celebrate the addition of 81 new books to its children’s collection. These books were awarded to the library by the Libri Foundation, Eugene, Oregon, as part of their BOOKS FOR CHILDREN program.

For the past 23 years the Libri Foundation has donated quality children’s books to rural public libraries. The Foundation supports the concept that children who learn to enjoy reading at an early age continue to read throughout their lives. In order to develop a love of reading, children must have access to books that stretch their imaginations, touch their emotions, and expand their horizons. According to the Foundation, 40% of this year’s 303 grant recipients were located in communities under 1,000 and 90% were in communities with populations under 5,000. For small libraries such as these, getting $1,050 worth of new children’s book at once is a big deal so, yes, receiving 81 new children’s books is definitely worth celebrating. As an added bonus, the new collection includes $350 worth of new math and science books.

Area children, families, and those who work with children are invited to check out new books and enjoy a story time with guest reader Sharon Colvin, Youth Services Consultant for the Vermont Department of Libraries. Refreshments will be served. Questions? Contact the library at 874-4901

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Vermont Made Film Festival


7pm @ the Town Hall

July 1 – The Vermont Movie – A Very New Idea with Roger Sheehan

Explores the Roots From Which the State Grew, Native Americans, Ethan Allen, Civil War

July 8 – Mind The Gap by Eric Schaeffer

A 2004 Multi-Story Comedy-Drama Film – Partially Filmed in Jamaica, Featuring Some Locals

July 15 – Boy Meets Girl by Eric Schaeffer

A Funny, Tender Positive Romantic Comedy of a Transgender Male, Featuring Locals (15 years or older)

July 22 – The Vermont Movie – Doers & Shapers with Robin Lunn

Explores the People & Institutions that Push Boundaries; Schools, Act 250, Civil Unions

July 29 – The Vermont Movie – Refuge, Reinvention, Revolution with Greg Joly

Politics, Innovation, Inventions, Highways and Hippies

August 5 – The Vermont Movie – Under the Surface with Greg Joly

Digging Beneath the Bucolic Surface, Labor Wars, Eugenics, Back-to-Landers Movement

August 12 – The Vermont Movie – Ceres’ Children with Ralph Coleman

Looking at Vermont’s Cherished Traditions – Come Experience a “Sugar On Snow Party”

August 19 – The Vermont Movie – People’s Power with Greg Joly

Energy, The Environment, Town Meeting, Hurricane Irene and the Power of the People & Community

August 26 – A Special Presentation on Jamaica’s Many Floods with Greg Joly

Photos, Stories and Research Proves that the 100 Year Flood Rule Does Not Apply to Jamaica

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